On motherhood

Motherhood has always seemed complicated to me. It wasn’t simple in the making, arriving years after we decided to become parents. My role model was long gone. Early on, I was unsure, overwhelmed, sad, and utterly confused by those three small children, their needs, their wants, their huge personalities and endearing charms. My days rolled… Continue reading On motherhood

It’s the uncertainty I fear

Life is always uncertain. Even if you live with great faith, or great wealth, great fame, great family and friends, even if you are born under a shining star with a silver spoon in your mouth. Just ask Alexei Nikolaevich. The thing is, we are very good at convincing ourselves that we have control, that… Continue reading It’s the uncertainty I fear

There’s no such thing as ‘minor’ when it’s your kid.

One of my kids had surgery recently. It wasn’t what is categorized as major surgery. It was done in an outpatient surgical center. The whole procedure from check in to wake up took less than two hours. Door to door in less than three hours. A nice dinner out with friends can last that long.… Continue reading There’s no such thing as ‘minor’ when it’s your kid.

Childcare Providers in the Age of the Coronavirus

I’m not a childcare provider, and my kids are grown so I don’t have little kids running around these days, but my 21-year old daughter is a lead school-age teacher in a daycare facility. She works 25 hours a week, is a full-time college student, and provides daycare for a church on weekends. She’s in… Continue reading Childcare Providers in the Age of the Coronavirus

The Visit

Last weekend, while out with friends, we were talking about spirits, good and bad, and their proximity to us. My friend articulated my lifelong fears in the most personal way - a fear that spirits would latch on to us when we least wanted them to.  I’ve spent my life avoiding horror movies, conversations related… Continue reading The Visit