“…but the greatest of these is love.”

Right around this time each year, I get weepy. My mind has trouble focusing. I find myself lost in thought. Or simply lost. I go out for a walk with nothing particular on my mind, and I end up in tears, waves of memories and complicated truths flooding my head. Today was one of those… Continue reading “…but the greatest of these is love.”


As it was for so many this year, Thanksgiving for us was a family reunion of sorts. It was comfortable and comforting and just a teensy bit overwhelming. I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, not necessarily the weirdly fabricated history of the holiday, but the gift-free, family and friend-filled, food-oriented nature of the day, pretty much all… Continue reading Reunion

Family Day

I think about family all the time: What makes someone family; how we define our own family; how big a role blood plays in that equation; what we forgive, accept, overlook, take pride in; how our perceptions are altered by love. And whether we look to our parents, our siblings, our aunts and uncles and… Continue reading Family Day

Mom Memories

Though I can no longer hear her voice, the memories are joyful, and that is everything. Grocery shopping and riding in the cart, sometimes with my legs sticking out from the children’s seat, but more often piled into the cart itself along with the groceries. On good days, those that didn’t involve David and I… Continue reading Mom Memories

The Fall

I start down the stairwell into the playroom. Charlie is sitting in the infant carrier, tiny, dressed in a onesie, contentedly watching me. He’s really barely clothed, and it’s cool in the basement, but it’s so hot upstairs. I pick him up in the carrier, and I’m walking down the steps, one step at a… Continue reading The Fall