Mom Memories

Though I can no longer hear her voice, the memories are joyful, and that is everything. Grocery shopping and riding in the cart, sometimes with my legs sticking out from the children’s seat, but more often piled into the cart itself along with the groceries. On good days, those that didn’t involve David and I… Continue reading Mom Memories

The Fall

I start down the stairwell into the playroom. Charlie is sitting in the infant carrier, tiny, dressed in a onesie, contentedly watching me. He’s really barely clothed, and it’s cool in the basement, but it’s so hot upstairs. I pick him up in the carrier, and I’m walking down the steps, one step at a… Continue reading The Fall

The Pepsi Glass

“He had it yesterday! No fairrrrrrr!” “It’s my turn! I want it!” “I NEVER GET THE PEPSI GLASS!” And then came the tears (mine). And the pouting (also mine). And the hitting (them). Almost every day, the same cries bellowed out in a variety of my children’s voices. For years, the Pepsi glass loomed large… Continue reading The Pepsi Glass

Remember the Moms who make you feel good enough

When my children were very young, and I was much younger, I felt like everything we saw - or so it seemed - was geared towards making us need more.  Want more. Be more.   I often thought I was never just good enough in society’s or even in my own eyes.  And I know… Continue reading Remember the Moms who make you feel good enough

Fear & Parenting Today

Years ago, when I started blogging under Sending Johnny Off to College, I was trying to make sense of the journey of losing my baby, my first-born son, to the world after high school. I wrote about preparations and feelings, anxiety and anticipations, gratitude and loss, and expectations. I wrote about leaving your child in… Continue reading Fear & Parenting Today