Pedicures, beach sand, and salty old women

They might be ticked that I referred to them as old women, but salty, of that bit they would approve. Last weekend, my family attended a much-delayed celebration of life for Steve’s Aunt Joan, his mother’s (Mary’s) sister. Joan was very much a bonus grandmother to my kids, present at most every holiday and a… Continue reading Pedicures, beach sand, and salty old women

As it happens…

My mother was born on June 6, 1922, nearly 100 years ago, to parents who immigrated as children from Canada and into a world not really so different and yet entirely foreign to ours today. She was less than 3 pounds at birth, and the doctors didn’t believe my grandmother was even pregnant when she… Continue reading As it happens…

Meet Miss Wiley

Sandwiched inconspicuously between anxiety, fear, worry, sadness and relief live proud moments and the intense joy of parenting. Those moments erase the memory of the struggle. We’ve all experienced these at different times with our children. Since the very moment she became a big sister, Natalie has aspired to be a teacher, never waivering in… Continue reading Meet Miss Wiley

“…but the greatest of these is love.”

Right around this time each year, I get weepy. My mind has trouble focusing. I find myself lost in thought. Or simply lost. I go out for a walk with nothing particular on my mind, and I end up in tears, waves of memories and complicated truths flooding my head. Today was one of those… Continue reading “…but the greatest of these is love.”


As it was for so many this year, Thanksgiving for us was a family reunion of sorts. It was comfortable and comforting and just a teensy bit overwhelming. I’ve always loved Thanksgiving, not necessarily the weirdly fabricated history of the holiday, but the gift-free, family and friend-filled, food-oriented nature of the day, pretty much all… Continue reading Reunion