Find your pace

About four and a half years ago, I lost my oldest brother. Marc loomed large in my life. He was brilliant, kind, charming and childlike. He was also mentally ill, challenging and reclusive. For all long as I can remember, he was the older brother I would turn to and look toward and hold closest.… Continue reading Find your pace

Mourn, take up the collar, and move forward.

My daughter feels very deeply. She always has. Yesterday morning, September 19th, Natalie found me in the kitchen making tea. Generally, when we see each other, she begins with a story, a story in which she is the leading character. This morning, however, she began with, “Mom, how are you?”, and I must have looked… Continue reading Mourn, take up the collar, and move forward.

Joan and Mary & The Alzmeyer’s

(updated from a piece from 2015) Years ago, when our children were young and we lived in a duplex, the other half of our house was lived in by an older couple who had immigrated from Iran. They had a huge garden, ornate furniture, incredibly generous hearts, lots of Iranian friends, innumerable cars, and the… Continue reading Joan and Mary & The Alzmeyer’s

Coming around.

Yesterday, even as a lone voice called to kill the police, it was repeatedly drowned out by the young people of all colors chanting, "Black Lives Matter, Say His Name, Say Her Name, No Justice, No Peace.” On this day, a blind hate did not overcome impassioned and honest cries for Justice.  My Asian son… Continue reading Coming around.