The Pepsi Glass

“He had it yesterday! No fairrrrrrr!” “It’s my turn! I want it!” “I NEVER GET THE PEPSI GLASS!” And then came the tears (mine). And the pouting (also mine). And the hitting (them). Almost every day, the same cries bellowed out in a variety of my children’s voices. For years, the Pepsi glass loomed large… Continue reading The Pepsi Glass

Remember the Moms who make you feel good enough

When my children were very young, and I was much younger, I felt like everything we saw - or so it seemed - was geared towards making us need more.  Want more. Be more.   I often thought I was never just good enough in society’s or even in my own eyes.  And I know… Continue reading Remember the Moms who make you feel good enough

Fear & Parenting Today

Years ago, when I started blogging under Sending Johnny Off to College, I was trying to make sense of the journey of losing my baby, my first-born son, to the world after high school. I wrote about preparations and feelings, anxiety and anticipations, gratitude and loss, and expectations. I wrote about leaving your child in… Continue reading Fear & Parenting Today


Sometimes the search itself lends to the greatest realizations. It’s been such a difficult year for everyone. Our family is no different. We’ve lost far too many people whom we loved deeply. Some of our goals and pathways have been derailed. Goodbyes have been left unsaid, and some of our relationships have been strained. But… Continue reading Gratitude

Find your pace

About four and a half years ago, I lost my oldest brother. Marc loomed large in my life. He was brilliant, kind, charming and childlike. He was also mentally ill, challenging and reclusive. For all long as I can remember, he was the older brother I would turn to and look toward and hold closest.… Continue reading Find your pace