More than a Hallmark Holiday

It’s that holiday again when I spend the week leading up to it thinking it’s just a silly commercialized excuse for companies to sell cards and flowers and candy, and for me to be saddened by the fact that my sweet Mom is gone so many years. Every year, that’s how I roll in to Mother’s Day, and every year, I am confronted that morning by the realization that the day is so much more. Most importantly, it makes people stop and appreciate the one person in life who has known you for it’s entirety. At least in theory. And, though I know this is not always true (as an adoptive Mom, this little falsity is glaringly apparent), it is often the case that this person is most meaningful in both wonderful and less than perfect ways.

Our children see us more perfectly than anyone else in the world. It is perhaps only with them that we let down our guard, lower our shields, open our hearts and make peace with our failings, loving those children despite all and so allowing them to love us in full. My kids can tell the craziest stories about me, things I did when they were young that I would be embarrassed to share with most people (think Mommy meltdowns), but they laugh and I laugh, and it all seems normal and ok. What an amazing gift is that!

I’m so grateful to be a Mom, to have been given the precious gift of my family. I know how lucky I am. I’m reminded daily, even when things are not perfect and altogether quite challenging, that this is the greatest gift of my life.

I share my motherhood with a woman on the other side of the world, a face I see only in my son, but a life present each day in my world. Her choices, or lack thereof, gave me the gift of motherhood, the joy of our son, and the very start of our family. And today, like many days, I thank my son’s birth mother and honor her with a wish for peace. And I wish all those mothers who for many reasons cannot be with their children today peace and love on this Mother’s Day.

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