An unfiltered glimpse

My life is not easy. It never has been. I’ve always had challenges, reasons to whine, to complain. I’ve always yearned for the greener pastures over the fence. I’m human.

My problems. Your problems. We all have them. And at one time or another, we are, each of us, overwhelmed by them. But then, look at your friends, your neighbors. Look at the lives of your acquaintances. Really look. See the challenges. See the sadness. See the illness.

Level an unfiltered glimpse into the lives around you, and your own becomes simple, if you’re fortunate. Like me.

My angst, my stress, my issues are but bumps, obstacles to be forded, problems to be solved. When I truly see my neighbors, my friends, I see that what I face is simple. And my life is easy.

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