The parenting coaster

Aa parents, at least reasonably good parents, it is said that we are only as happy as our most troubled child. It is for this reason that I am blown away when I meet happy parents with multiple children.

We have three amazing young people whom we have been given the opportunity, the challenge, the blessing to raise. And quite honestly I can count on two hands the number of days when all three were in a happy contented state, and that was probably me misreading the situations. Sad but true. And true for many I believe.

The parenting roller coaster is steeper, curvier, more fear-inducing, thrill-inspiring and unpredictable than anything ever conceived. And once you’re on it, there’s no getting off. Not even for a minute.

Today was a little rough on the parenting front. I feel like I’ve been thrown around a bit. But tomorrow is yet another day, perhaps a nice smooth coast. Perhaps.

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