As perfect as one could hope for…

Some days pass as perfect as one could hope for and yet they go unnoticed and unrecognized.

It seems like just yesterday, our children, cousins, would run wild under our radar on holidays. Children have a way of navigating the world on a level just below their parents – communicating, playing, growing – all on a plane that is only superficially seen by the adults. Holidays for a couple of years would usually end with the girls wanting to spend the night together at one house and the boys at another. With three set sets of parents, one set would go home childless. The lucky ones?

All those children are now young adults. It happened, seriously, overnight. Yesterday, the little boys were giggling, dressed in their sisters clothes and giving us all a fashion show. The girls were pouring over Target catalogs and playing school. They’re all now in college, done college or talking about where they might like to study and what. Our kids, once living under the radar of youth, are now at the adult table.

Today we ate together. We laughed together. We missed Grandmom and Granddad together. We, the parents, noticed the unique and wonderful personalities of our children, our young adults. We enjoyed their significant others and the relationships they’ve developed. We got the chance to see our kids as adults. And all of our ‘kids’ were there. Present. Healthy. Happy. Today was a day as perfect as one could hope for.

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