Sometimes the search itself lends to the greatest realizations.

It’s been such a difficult year for everyone. Our family is no different. We’ve lost far too many people whom we loved deeply. Some of our goals and pathways have been derailed. Goodbyes have been left unsaid, and some of our relationships have been strained.

But still we stand, and still we have much from which to find joy, contentment, love. And even for all COVID and just life in general has taken, this year and its experiences have given me perspective, new and closer relationships, and clarity.

For me, as I think about this season of gratitude, I am truly grateful for the following ten things:

⁃ My family both close and extended;

⁃ My friends, both old and new;

⁃ The intensity of loss that can only be experienced where there was and is great love;

⁃ Work that gives purpose and meaning;

⁃ My health;

⁃ The beauty of nature;

⁃ The internet;

⁃ Netflix;

⁃ A newfound love of art!

⁃ And music.

I hope you have things you’re grateful for this year, and family and friends with whom to celebrate, either in person or virtually <3.

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