Life should not be a competition

Life should not be a competition. And yet this is how we raise our children. First steps. First words. Solid Food. Weaning. Potty Training. Milestones, and yet we compare. Who does what first? Who wins? Whose child is surpassing everyone else’s? And whose is left behind?

Life should not be a competition. Who reads first? Whose birthday party do all the kids want to attend? Who runs the fastest? But also, who has trouble reading? Who is left out? Who is by themselves on the playground? Where there are winners, there are also losers. At every age. In every group. In every school.

Life should not be a competition. There should be a place for each. For every. And where there is not, and there never is, there must be safety nets. There must be caring adults. For everyone. For everyone.

Life should not be a competition. Democrats versus Republicans. Bleeding heart liberals versus the religious right. We’re polarized, and we’re getting nowhere.

Life should not be a competition. We need compassionate adults. We need adults who, regardless of political leaning, religious affiliation, education level, race, sexual orientation, cultural upbringing and passionate interest, are willing to do the right thing. We need adults willing to set aside their own futures for the future of our children. For any child. For every child.

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