I stand with the children

On NPR today during a show on gun control, the host asked for survivors of school shootings to call in and talk about their experiences and how the experience has impacted them.

I couldn’t imagine that there were that many people tuned into the NPR show. Perhaps 14 million listeners tune in for each of their two most popular programs on NPR. There are roughly 325 million people in the US and about 40% of those are between 10 and 39. This age group makes up about 25% of NPR’s audience, so that’s a lot of people (5.6 million), but not really. So to expect a representation of this population to hear the show, call in and share their experience is humbling. And sickening. And it should be motivating.

Gun control, serious gun control, isn’t a political issue. Or, it shouldn’t be. It isn’t a bill of rights issue. It certainly isn’t a religious issue or even a parenting issue. This is a very basic issue of right and wrong, weighing the good of the whole against the privilege of the few.

There are alternatives to gun ownership. There are responsible solutions for hunters and sport shooting. There is no right more valuable or precious than an individual’s right to safety and life. When one of our ‘hobbies’ or ‘paranoid beliefs’ is in contradiction to that, life and safety have to win.

Prayer and self-defense and discipline and 2nd amendment mumbo jumbo are an insult to parents, grandparents, siblings and friends of those we’ve lost to gun violence. I stand with the children. I call bs.

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