Besides my family and a good glass (okay, bottle…the big one) of red wine, these are the things I love most: food, music, traveling, bicycling, writing, interrogating (in a good way) people, finding great deals, helping people, and sleeping.

When I was in my very early 20s, newly motherless, I toured Ireland on a bicycle, and there began my love of bicycling, Irish sweaters, greener than green landscape, fish for breakfast, and adventure. And I healed. And I quit smoking. And I overcame some of my paralyzing shyness. I don’t wear Irish sweaters much (menopause ruined that) and fish for breakfast just seems wrong, but bicycling continues to bring me great joy, especially when traveling through lush green landscapes and small towns, occasionally listening to my music and often followed by indulgent food.

I’m just weeks away from unemployment and really wondering what my next career will be, and, honestly, I’d love to incorporate the things that bring me such joy. And that brings me back to bicycling, adventure, music, and food (BAMF). Or possibly BAMF’D (to include drink). So here I sit this afternoon trying to figure out how to start a bicycle touring career without the ability to bike 50 miles a day, as that just seems excessive to me.

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