Today, we met Andrew.

Steve, John and I visited Vanish, a wonderfully huge and fun craft brewery in Virginia. We tried ok beer, received great service, took stock of a beautiful venue, and we enjoyed each other’s company. John has been busy lately, taking photos, studying, enjoying life, and we haven’t had a lot of time with him, so this was a treat for all of us.

After our extensive mega beer tasting, we decided to visit a farmer’s market (my request), and we stopped at a little market with a food truck so that I could get a couple of end of summer additions for dinner, corn and tomatoes. We shopped, checked out the pumpkins. I picked up a bunch of root veggies for a roasted veggie soup. John eyed every baked good we passed, and Steve hung out by the canned treats.

Eventually, we decided to go into a small room that sold ice cream and a few other cold local items. I entered first, and as I did, a young man said, “Hello, I’m Andrew.” And I smiled and said hello.

Behind me, Andrew took my son’s hand, introduced himself and asked John his name, which he gave him. Then Steve entered, and the same thing happened. And Andrew proceeded to engage us. He asked John and I each in turn if we’d like to try on his glasses and was fascinated by the fact that we couldn’t really see through them. He was curious about my contacts. Steve chatted with him in the way I’ve seen my wonderful husband talk with other incredibly special people. Andrew asked me if Steve was my father, not because he looks older, but because Andrew had decided he’d like to be my husband. He even suggested that he’d make a good second husband since he knew I already had one.

Andrew asked if we’d like to come live with him. He thought we’d love his swing set, having learned that we no longer had one, and perhaps we’d like to zip line with him, since his Mom wasn’t adventurous enough for that. We chatted for a bit in a way that’s only possible with someone completely open, guileless and truly beautiful.

Andrew hugged me, gave me a kiss, hugged me again and kissed me again. He did the same to Steve. He made us feel very special. I can’t adequately express how beautiful he made us feel.

Later, as we stood in line behind Andrew and his Mom, Andrew told me I reminded him of his aunt. His mother, obviously used to Andrew’s incredibly outgoing personality, did her best to reign him in, while still respecting his autonomy. She was amazing. She is amazing, a Mom to a very special young man.

Andrew made my day. He made my weekend. He brought out the very best in me, my husband and my son. Thank you, sweet Andrew, for being just you. Just wonderful. Just the best of what humans can be.

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